As a dedicated, experienced group of Real Estate experts; DFI’s knowledgeable team is available for consulting services to financial institutions and private investors.

DFI’s clients access professionals who are responsible for producing actual bottom line financial results. Only DFI’s experienced and dedicated managers, contribute to the consulting assignment.

DFI has been consulting since its inception in 1974, when financial institutions sought DFI’s assistance in the restructuring of non-performing loans, and required management, and assistance in the disposition of failed projects. DFI’s hands on approach, market knowledge, and actual operational experience allow DFI to implement programs that lead to the creation of value for our clients.

Today, DFI provides its current clients the benefits of its many years of experience as a principle in the development, financial acquisition, and management of real estate.

Uniquely, DFI also offers to invest its capital, in support of its strategic advice on a first in last out basis; therein actually guaranteeing its performance!